How to prolong the service life of the oil drill rod

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After understanding the common types of drilling tool failure, we will put forward specific measures to prevent the failure of drilling tools and prolong the service life of the drilling tools.

First: reducing the excessive deformation of the drill rod in the downhole, reducing the mechanical speed properly, using the PDC bit first in the drilling process to improve the cuttings of the formation.

Oil drilling

Second: the use of special instruments, through the drill size, wear, corrosion, internal and external thread damage, drilling tool is divided into several levels, suitable for different drilling with different depth, different formation, make the best use of the drilling tool.

Third: regularly by the testing center of drilling rig used for testing, especially for drilling tools being used in the field testing, because the crew in the long-term use of a drill wells, there may be due to excessive corrosion, deformation and other factors, if not timely check for replacement, may cause fracture Pierce, accidents.

Fourth: to promote the new drilling technology, new process and new technology for improving the life of drilling tools. In particular, the 50673 drilling teams, which have finished the five opening and five completion of the horizontal wells, learn new drilling techniques and mud use. Fifth: a connection in the drilling process, strict control of torque, and resolutely put an end to the wrong button or not wipe the oil on the thread buckle phenomenon. Because if there is no thread wipe oil, shoulder part of the drill will lose the sealing effect, use for a long time, the drilling fluid will pierce the threaded drill; in addition, but also to protect the drill drill on the threaded part, to take care of silk floor, not allowed to collide in the drill pipe on the drill floor v-door or protective railing car repair; thread or a new drill may appear crest to each other, then should be the first to reverse it, then in the buckle, put an end to forced buckle.

Sixth: due to the high content of hydrogen sulfide in Sichuan and Chongqing, the drilling tools are prone to stress corrosion fracture. Therefore, the use of drilling tools in Sichuan and Chongqing area to ground Chaqin seizure detection, to avoid accidents.

Seventh: because of various reasons, the enlargement of the diameter of the well leads to the bending moment of the larger drill string and the fatigue damage of the drill string. Therefore, in the process of drilling, to optimize BHA, avoid the "henchman" and irregular borehole phenomenon, thereby reducing unnecessary trouble sticking.

Oil drilling

Eighth: in the process of drilling, the drill string in a timely manner to the mud on the clean, reduce the long-term adhesion on the drill pipe drilling tools corrosion caused by mud. Secondly, the crew in use, to avoid the car or the brakes too hard, to reduce the overload of the drill string.

Ninth: optimizing drilling parameters. During the drilling process, the bit is unstable at the bottom of the well and the uneven drilling operation will move the neutralization point of the drill string. Therefore, the neutralization point of drill string should be ensured on drill collar, and at the same time, avoid drilling and jumping phenomenon as much as possible, reduce alternating stress of drilling tools, control drilling speed, and reduce drillstring's large swing in borehole.

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