How to improve the service life of oil drilling rod

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In recent years, horizontal well, deep well and ultra deep well, large displacement well and special well have been increasing year by year. The drilling rod in the traditional sense can not fully meet the requirements of use. With high strength, high toughness, intelligence, digitalization, corrosion prevention, high temperature, high twist and high sensitivity, the demand for drilling rod is becoming more and more vigorous. Therefore, the development and promotion of new drilling rod is more in line with the future development trend of the industry.

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Double shoulder high twist drill pipe. This drill has two main advantages: one is the torsional strength of API than the standard joint increased by 30% to 50%; two is the nozzle increases, 5 S135 drill pipe joints can be increased by water 2-3/4 to 3-1/4". Therefore, the drilling tools meet the large displacement, high pump pressure and high torque drilling operation. It is suitable for drilling deep well, ultra deep well, high slope well and horizontal well.

Intelligent drill rod. It was first developed by Grant (Grant) company. The chip was inserted in the drill pipe joint, and the real-time information was transmitted during drilling. The synchronization analysis on the ground can improve the efficiency.

Aluminum alloy drill rod. The main advantage is light weight. Under the same strength, the weight is only half of the steel drill pipe. Therefore, it has advantages in equipment, power and transportation. Moreover, the thickness of the drill pipe wall has increased, and the wear resistance has been enhanced. The service life is almost 2 times that of the ordinary thin-walled steel drill pipe.

A composite drill rod. After winding the carbon fiber on the reel, the composite drill pipe is covered and sealed by a kind of epoxy matrix composite. It has high strength and quality ratio, high corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance. The drawback is that the thickness of the wall is large and the cost of production is high at present.

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Drill set in use of BHA in the lowermost part under alternating stress and torque is the largest, special wells in the "drill dog leg" is also very easy to damage, loss of these will result in the same batch of different drilling tools. According to the barrel theory, the stability of the whole set of drilling tools is not determined by the strongest, but by the weakest one. So it is necessary to use the same batch drilling rod according to the difficulty of drilling and the reasonable use frequency in actual work, so that the service life of the drilling tool can be extended. In the process of drilling rig and drill pipe should always pay attention to the situation, once stuck, locking phenomenon, should immediately stop drilling or drilling back slowly after drilling, prevent the bending deformation of drill pipe. After completing the operation, the sludge on the drill pipe should be cleaned in time, especially in the area of acid and alkali, which should be paid attention to. Serious problems should be returned to the factory or discarded in time. In addition, it can prolong the service life of the drill rod by making the maintenance cycle of the drilling tools and regularly carrying out the antirust and dustproof treatment to them.

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