Oil drilling rods are often used in some industrial production

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At present, the laying of pipelines will often use trenchless pipe jacking technology, and trenchless rig is bound to use this technology in the modern society, with the special common trenchless pipe jacking construction to reduce the damage to the environment, trenchless pipe jacking project is mainly in the center of the city with more, creating a new construction the way.

Non excavation in Beijing Shanghai and other big city is the most common use of pipe jacking construction, all the time will need to go through the Trenchless Pipeline traction equipment, some areas of ground excavation, laying pipe line, if the intermediate pipe line in the road there is a problem, can the middle of repair. Very convenient.

Trenchless pipe jacking project for technical requirements is still relatively high, in the excavation before going through professional do analysis, accurate calculation of the excavation height to thickness, and have good understanding of experts on geology geological conditions, and remedy problems. What kind of surface is suitable for excavation and what kind of ground is not suitable for excavation is clear and cannot be built on some relatively soft ground. This will surely destroy the soil layer and even cause accidents. We must be more careful.

Oil drilling rod price

Oil drilling rod price

In some industrial production, the non - excavated oil drilling rod is often used. It is used in gas, drainage and so on. The more valuable heritage protection will also be used in this kind of equipment. The use of excavation will not have a bad effect on the building. This equipment needs the professional staff to operate, and should pay attention to the related operation attention.

If you want to operate a non - Excavating drill, it must be trained by professional. After the examination is qualified, we can go to the post for operation. This includes the knowledge of the related knowledge of the equipment and the related maintenance knowledge. When operators are on duty, they need to wear insulation shoes, safety helmets and insulating gloves and so on to ensure safety.

Around the machine, it is best to have an isolated fence, which is a protective measure to respond to an emergency. If a trenchless drilling machine will pass through railway and other projects, do not go to the construction without authorization. It is necessary to contact the relevant departments. After obtaining the consent, we should set up relevant warning signs and not to be affected by passing vehicles. Every time after the use, it is necessary to add lubricating oil to some parts to protect the equipment.

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