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Drill Pipe

The priority choice of pipe body is TPCO according to the customer’s requirement,the min. wall thickness of the body is 95% WT.We purchase the drill pipe body according  to the PSL-3 standard, the impact value(10*7.5*55) -20°C shall meet the average impact >80J; the single impact value >64J. 

Length and radius of upsetting transition zone shall meet the  NS-1requirement,inner transition μ >100mm; transition R >300mm.Pipe ends apply the large-ton hydraulic upsetting, with big strike power  and  shaping speed, the size and structure of the pipe end are reasonable.

Large-tonnage hydraulic quickly upsetting advantage:

Cause of upsetting twice or triple continually,  to avoid the risk of reheating coarse grains after  cooling for many times.

Cause of upsetting twice or triple continually,  to avoid the risk of reheating coarse grains after  cooling for many times.

JSH  continuous upsetting avoid the risk of coarse grains after reheating and cooling 

for many times. 

Less heating reduce the risk of upsetting part decarburization, prevent failure of drill 

pipe in advance because of  pierce.

Speedy upsetting-the greatest advantage of using the large-tonnage hydraulic upsetter is high speed, which can refine the grain well, ensuring the pipe ends with good mechanical performance after heat treatment and forging, and together with the upset part ,are both consistent with performance of mother pipe. This is better workmanship for drill pipe manufacturing and drilling operation, offering good solution to drill pipe manufacturing especially the mechanical performance of weld line. 


Using the domestic advanced regenerative combustion walking beam furnace ,to ensure the heating temperature uniformity; side open door ensure the temperature drop consistency when the tube is released, having the tube get the same cooling velocity easily when quenching, thus  with density structure and  uniform mechanical performance and high impact toughness.

After quenching, full length descaled, making the tube surface bright and clean, which will improve the precision of non-destructive inspection and guarantee the product quality effectively.


Through  drilling tool design performance software, to calculate the parameter of tube body.

Shuguang  is the largest and earliest drill pipe tool joint  manufacturer with the most large exports in China.  All the tool joint produced as per API 5DP PSL-3 or customer’s requirements, with the annual production capacity up to 300,000 couples.

Annual direct export up to 120, 000 couples.

The tool joint main customers are NOV Grantprideco Jiangsu plant, Tianjin plant, Indonesia H-Tech plant, Abu Dhabi plant, Mexico plant; US TSC, MITSUI, US Command, US Superior and US Ptech etc. Passed the API audit and also NS-1 approved. 


NOV Grantprideco  H-Series, GPDS, HT, XT

Command Energy Services Ltd. CDS, CET

PTECH  Ptech 

Drill String Solutions Pte. MT 

API connections

Authorized to manufacture High-Strength connections:

NOV Grantprideco H-Series,  GPDS,  HT,  XT

Command Energy Services Ltd.   CDS,  CET

PTECH  Ptech

Drill String Solutions Pte.    MT

JSH  special connection type: JSHDS,  JSHHT,  JSHET, SS  

TMK Russia

JSHET/CET/MT are interchangeable

Use the advanced automatic vacuum heat treatment furnace to make it with stable performance.

Friction welding,  using the latest MTI320BX/400BX system, can trace each tool joint No. tube No. and welding parameter.  

According to NS-1, strictly control the burn-off  +/-10%.

The stability of the welding parameter and the heat treatment of the welding zone ensure the welding performance .

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