Standard HWDP

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Standard HWDP

Standard HWDP is manufactured by a new wall-thick steel pipe. The two ends and middle of pipe have thickness joints and upsetting. Have the function for both drill collar and drill pipe. Since the transition from the drill collar to the drill pipe section drastic changes ,  bending stress concentration in this part of the drill pipe .Therefore HWDP between drill collar and drill pipe can ease the section changes,  reduce the stress concentration,  so as to reduce the drilling accident. In addition,  compared with the drill collar,  HWDP have many advantages such as easy salvage ,  shorten tripping time ,  easy handling,  have an effect on steady oblique . In condition of hook load and same drilling pressure,  the use of HWDP can improve the ability of deep drilling rig. Foreign HWDP has been widely used in vertical and inclined well.


Standard HWDP

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