Based on API thread form design, lower processing cost;

In addition to the other high torque threads, the JSHET series thread trimming and the subsequent maintenance cost are low, except for the equivalence.

JSHET series screw, site construction, simple operation, saving time shackle;

JSHET rationalization design, increase the service life of the thread;

JSHET series thread is a high torque thread connection developed and designed based on API screw structure according to the feedback from field drills of drilling contractors. It is widely used in ultra deep wells, extended reach wells, horizontal wells and other well conditions.


JSHET has a good interchangeability in the market, and can be interchangeable with the special buckles of the MT series and the CET series.

JSHET R&D personnel 

Nels Wickander, standing member of API standard drafting committee, more than 40 years of rich experiences in drill stem design and manufacturing. 

Qin Changyi, vice director of CNPC Tubular Goods Research Institute, professorate senior engineer, 30 years of experiences in tubular goods engineering, participate in various of standards setting for oil drilling tools. 

Jiang Jiahua, around 20 years of management experiences in oil drilling tool manufacturing and engineering, set up the first drill pipe production line in China.

JSHET buckle test certification

FEA analysis carried out in the TGRC laboratory;

200 times grinding test was carried out through the TGRC laboratory.

The product performance test in the hydrogen sulfide well condition is carried out by the Moore laboratory.

Through the fatigue test of China's SES laboratory products;


JSHET patent registration

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