All the heavier drill rods have high bending strength.

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At present, our country mainly relies on the imported wear-resistant welding wire, although its performance can meet the requirements, but the price is too high. It is urgent for many domestic enterprises to achieve the localization of high-performance drill pipe wear-resistant belt surfacing material.

Heavy weight drill pipe all have high flexural strength, solid welding and other characteristics, can satisfy the requirement of linearity when drilling deep hole, high fatigue strength and long service life, and all the products have to undergo a rigorous screening such as wound, thin wall, eccentric wear, severe wear thread are out of the quality of maximum security products, today Xiaobian about drill rod fracture.

Increase the price of drill rod

Aggravated drill rod manufacturer

The non - excavated drill rod is used too long, and the surface damage is more, close to or beyond the fatigue life. Replace the new drill rod in time.

The material and thickness of the drill rod body do not conform to the requirements of the technical specification. Please contact the supplier.

When the hole is expanded (especially in the expansion of Kong Shi) or long distance to the guide hole, the bit suddenly hits the hard material to produce a strong impact. The torque caused by the sudden increase, caused by non excavation pipe break or broken. The manipulator should control the rotation speed and propelling force in the operation of non - Excavating drill to avoid this kind of situation.

The radius of curvature of the construction hole is more than the minimum radius of curvature of the drill rod. The parameters control the minimum radius of curvature of the construction hole.

The drill rod body surface is badly scratched (over 1 millimeters in depth and in a spiral shape) to avoid the use of scratched drill rods.

The torque of the drilling rig is greater than that of the drill rod angle. Configure the proper drill rod for the rig.

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