Take care to avoid any part of the drill rod body with a vise

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Precautions for the use of oil drill pipe: avoid using vise to support any part of drill pipe body, so as to prevent the rod from being injured by clip. Luohe drill pipe reduces the service life of drill pipe. The use of zinc based rib fat qualified, butter is not suitable as a thread of oil.

The lack of thread grease causes the joint's shoulder injury to produce a high point. The oil drill pipe is easy to cause the thread connection "loose" to cause the thread to destroy. Do not use the thread thread or the use of substandard, will make the thread gluing adhesive surface, produce phenomenon.

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Deep sea oil and gas resources are very abundant. With the decrease of the number of major oil and gas fields found in land and shallow sea, the prospect of oil and gas exploitation in deep sea and glacier environment is optimistic. Low temperature brittle fracture often occurs when metal materials are used in low temperature environment, especially the high ductile brittle transition temperature of high strength materials. Even under low temperature, low stress brittle fracture may occur.

According to the statistics in China, the failure of drill pipe will cause huge economic losses. The cost and direct economic loss of drilling rod failure are considerable. It is of great practical significance to study how to effectively prevent drill pipe from occurring under low temperature. The development of oil and gas resources in low temperature environment requires strict requirements for the low temperature performance of drill pipes. In order to prevent low stress brittle fracture of materials, the low temperature performance of materials must be studied.

At present, the common method of evaluating material brittleness is series temperature impact test. This method can find out the empirical relationship between brittle failure and material impact toughness at low temperature, and some low temperature brittleness evaluation index is obtained by impact test method.

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