How to choose the right oil drill collar?

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To select suitable oil drill collar, we need to start with "drilling machine main body".

The utility model has the advantages of fast drilling speed, good drilling shaping, high drilling efficiency, greater torque, stable operation, automatic locking of spring pins, and convenient and quick disassembly. When drilling deep hole, the drill pipe is equipped with a cotter pin to increase transmission torque and greatly reduce the loss of drill pipe. The plug thread connection is adopted for quick and easy disassembly and assembly, good sealing performance, high tensile strength and high pile quality. The verticality is good, easy to disassemble and install.

Always check the connection of gas and water pipes, bolts and nut joints.

Check the lubrication of the motor at any time.

When the working area is water, a large diameter drill is used for opening the hole, then the drill rod is inserted and the drill rod is exposed to the ground 100-200mm to prevent the mud from falling into the hole.

It is not allowed to reverse when drilling, so that the drill pipe will fall into the hole. When the machine stops working in a short time, a small amount of air pressure should be given in order to avoid the interior of the sediment invading impactor. If the machine is stopped working for a long time, the shock device should be fixed at 1 to 2 meters from the bottom of the hole.

When working, attention should be paid to the sound of the impactor and the normal operation of the gearbox. If abnormal phenomena are found, the inspection should be stopped immediately.

When adding new drill pipe, pay special attention to cleaning inside the hole to avoid sand mixing into the inner part of the impactor, damaging the machine parts or stopping drilling accidents.

Maintenance and lubrication of machines: at the end of each working class, the surface of the machine must be cleaned up. It is strictly prohibited to dismantle the work on the working surface and remove the large parts (excepted to facilitate the handling of the components), so as to avoid losing parts and damaging the key parts of the parts. The drill pipe joint is lubricated with butter. The reducer is lubricated by butter.

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