Oil drilling collar occupies a very important position in oil drilling

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The aggravated drill rod is the basic component of the drill string. Its main function is the transmission of torque and drilling fluid, and the hole is deepened by the gradual lengthening of the drill rod. Therefore, the drill pipe plays a very important role in the oil drilling.

Oil drill collar price

Oil drill collar price

The drill pipe structure drill pipe is made of no steel pipe. The wall thickness is generally 9 to 11mm. It consists of two parts: drill pipe body and drill pipe joint. The pipe body is welded together with the joint by friction welding.

The geological drill pipe is a drilling tool that uses alloy steel pipe thickening through both ends upsetting, turning small pitch taper thread, connecting with lock joint, used for geological exploration field, transmitting drill torque to bottom hole bit, and transmitting drilling fluid. The conventional geological drill rods are divided into two types: internal thickening drill rod and outer thickening drill rod. Usually, the diameter of the diameter of 60 and below is thickened, and the diameter of the diameter of 60 or more is thickened outside. The quality of drill pipe is mainly determined by material selection and rod end thread strength. Good material is not easy to fatigue, bend or break. The dense structure after end upsetting can effectively improve its mechanical properties. The precision of thread turning ensures the strength of connection with lock joint.

The internal and external flashes will be formed during the friction welding process of the drill pipe. The high steel drill pipe will cause great difficulty in removing the internal flash due to the inner diameter of the male joint is smaller than the inner diameter of the welding part of the pipe. The traditional machine tool turning because the inner diameter of the joint limit, lathe cutter bar diameter easily lead to machining cutter vibration seriously affects the machining quality and efficiency.

At present, most manufacturers use punching cutting to remove the internal flying edge, and the processing efficiency is high. Due to the impact of punch form, punching time and punching force, sometimes it can cause burr to scratch the inner wall or inner wall adhesion, which affects the normal use of drill pipe.

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