Problems encountered in the production process of heavier drill pipes

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Contradiction between strength and toughness is often encountered in the production and manufacture of heavier drill pipes. In the course of drilling, most wells are not vertical, and the application of inclined and horizontal wells is more and more. The drill rod in the "dog leg" is subjected to alternating stress, and the toughness is poor, it is easy to break or pierce the accident. Faced with this contradiction, the production plant began to try to develop new steel grades, by changing the composition and structure of steel to increase strength and toughness, such as adding metal molybdenum.

Maintenance and maintenance of drill rod power tongs

Establish post responsibility system.

The filter of the hydraulic system should be cleaned or replaced in time according to the usage condition, so as to prevent the filter core from being blocked by dirt and affect the normal use.

After one month, the new tongs should be replaced with hydraulic oil (or precipitated) and then replaced with hydraulic oil every half a year. During the use of the tank, the oil level of the fuel tank is not allowed to be lower than the lower limit of the oil level indicator. If it is lower than the lower limit, it should be replenished at any time. When refueling the fuel tank, avoid mixing other debris into the tank.

Every time after drilling, the tong head is rinsed clean with water, dried in compressed air in summer, and dried by steam in winter. Slope plate (No. 1 in Fig. 46) and roller (No. 45 in Fig. 1) were cleaned and coated with thin butter. The slope plate is required to be cleaned, and the roller and pin shaft are flexibly rotated.

Replace the gear box oil once per three wells and replace the gearbox with molybdenum disulfide grease once (well depth calculated by 9840ft).

The maintenance of the bearing of hydraulic and transmission system is the same as that of the bearing seat of the fan.

The transfer cylinder, the clamping cylinder and the hoisting fluid cylinder are cleaned with clean water after each start, and the piston rod is dried with cotton yarn and coated with thin butter, and a part of the cylinder is extended to the cylinder.

After each trip, add 50cc cleaning machine, oil lubricated gas path components and rust protection.

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