Structure and operation method of geological oil drill rod

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A modified structure and shaped half screw pile with spiral drill rod, which includes drill rod and drill. The drill rod is at least part of the spiral structure. The screw part of the drill rod is inverted trapezoid structure, that is, it has a gradually expanding outer diameter structure from the bottom up, thus facilitating the spiral part to guide the drill rod to whole. The structure of the spiral drill pipe, which is gradually expanded, can prevent the influence of the axial reverse force on the drill down, reduce the drag of the drill down, reduce the working load and improve the working efficiency of the drill rod.

The pile structure formed by this structure has a multilevel structure, that is, the pile body itself has more than one discontinuous part of different diameters. The pile is convenient to go deep into the soil layer and can be set up with a considerable depth, for example, the bottom of the pile can be deeper than 20 meters deep into the ground and is composed of buildings supported by it. A strong supporting role.

The structure and operation method of geological oil drilling rod have been recognized by the large and medium minitype coal mines in the country, and have been better promoted in the use and performance of the products, but some proper and correct methods are needed in the operation, so that the performance of the products can be fully performed.

The structure is manufactured by advanced friction welding technology. The drill pipe has the characteristics of high bending strength and strong soldering. It can ensure the requirement of straightness in deep hole drilling. The product has higher fatigue resistance and longer service life.

The geological drilling rod is a geological drilling tool designed and produced by the friction welding process of the geological alloy steel tube. The geological drill rod body uses the special alloy steel pipe (R780, DZ50). The geological drill bit is treated with high quality alloy structural steel (42CrMo) through vacuum quenching and tempering, which greatly improves the anti fatigue strength and shear resistance. Strength。

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