The domestic industry is committed to the special field of oil drill collar.

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Real time acquisition of strata evaluation and guidance data during drilling can greatly improve drilling efficiency. The drilling well logging (LWD) and the MWD system use mud pulse to transfer the downhole data to the ground, and to a certain extent, it meets the need of real-time data transmission. However, the transmission rate of mud pulse is only 6-10bit/s, which is not conducive to data intensive type.

In addition, for underbalanced drilling using foam drilling or air drilling, the mud pulse method can not be used to transmit underground measurement data, which is also a major problem in the oil industry.

The torsion resistance of super high torsion joints is excellent, but the disadvantage is that the buckle rate is obviously lower than that of API joints. The harsh well, which needs ultra high twist joint, is more than 6000m in depth, and the daily cost of drilling is extremely expensive. It is urgent to increase the speed of the joint's buckle to save money. This is also a difficult problem restricting the development of super high torsional joints.

The Turbo Torque joint is the first industrial application of a double thread drill pipe joint, so the speed of the buckle is up to 1 times higher than that of the XT joint, reaching or exceeding the fastening speed of the API joint. In addition, the design of different threaded joints, thread taper and thread length with different specifications is excellent. The speed, torsion resistance, hydraulic performance and fatigue performance of the joint are excellent. Turbo Torque joint is one of the plans that have been realized in the development planning of drilling rod buckle in the world in recent years.

In recent years, the domestic industry is also committed to drilling in this special field, with a view to developing a large number of products to replace the current high-end dependence on imports of foreign products. Under the heavy pressure, the research and development of foreign intelligent drilling rod and fast buckle super high twist joint have pointed out a direction for domestic oil drill collar enterprises. It is believed that under the efforts of domestic researchers, there will be domestic brands soon.

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