What are the advantages of increasing the drill rod in the process of use?

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On the basis of high torque performance of geological drill rod, single helix six party drill rod is made of single spiral blade or double helix blade through prestressed winding process. The drill rod body is selected with high quality special alloy steel pipe, and high quality alloy structural steel is selected for the drill rod joint. After vacuum quenching and tempering, the anti fatigue strength and shear strength are greatly improved. The advanced friction welding technology is adopted. The drill pipe has the characteristics of high bending strength and strong soldering.

Selection of welding rod

In the first and second sections, wear resistant electrode H507 is used, and the remaining sections are wear resistant welding rod H857.

Precautions for welding:

When the drill pipe is repaired and welded, the welding position should be preheated with gas welding before welding, and the asbestos is used for heat preservation after welding in order to reduce the stress and deformation.

After the first use of the drill rod for 100 hours, each drill rod should be overhauled once, and every 300 hours, each drill rod is thoroughly checked and repaired in time.

After each use, the mud on the drill pipe parts should be removed in time so as not to affect the slippage of the drill pipe.

Repair, repair and repair the defects such as crimping, deformation, wear and open welding of drill pipe and foreign key in time.

Check whether the damping spring and rubber shock absorber are damaged and replace them in time.

Check if there is any crack in the square head. If cracks are found, they must be repaired before they can be used.

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